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Last update 28th June 2010





Susimetsan sivu

Varpu - The First Year

Varpu Silvana Susimetsä was born on the 11th June 2008 and she's been our pride and joy ever since. The pictures below show some of the memorable moments from her first year of life.

Varpu's birthday (21 pics)

Varpu's spring (21 pics)

Varpu learns to stand up (18 pics)

Varpu's 1st Christmas (18 pics)

Varpu's 5th and 6th month (15 pics)

Varpu's 3rd and 4th month (12 pics)

Naming ceremony, 26th July 2008 (15 pics)

Our baby, c. 1 month old (9 pics)

Our baby, b. 11th June 2008. (15 pics)