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Susimetsan sivu

From the depths of the home pages

Over the years we have had the opportunity to concentrate on several memorable events and hobbies that have deserved their own home pages.

Year in Canada - A diary (with many pictures) written by Ulla that handles the daily life in Canada, as it is seen by two people spending a year there. The text is in Finnish only, but the photos can be enjoyed by all!

Wedding pages - Pages that were created to celebrate our wedding (held in 2003) and which tell you everything you ever needed to know about us two, and perhaps a tad more. Pages are in Finnish and English (partial translation).

Rum pages - In connection to Marko's favourite hobby, he has been working on pages that would give information about the making, appreciation and enjoyment of aged rum.

Star Wars fiction - A short story that Marko wrote almost entirely over one long weekend. Inspired by a movie series (the original) that impressed him when he was young and has continued to do so to this day.

Elite Fiction - Marcan Rayger - Pages created to introduce a story Marko has written about Commander Marcan Rayger. A light story, written as a sort of relief while working on a master's thesis. Actually, Marko is rather embarrassed of the whole thing, but is brave enough to have it around for the time being.

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